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    USB Device Not Recognized




      I recently purchased a Droid Bionic and everything was working great for a week or so.  Since though, I can not connect my device to my computer to transfer files.  Initially I would get the message in the notification bar to set the device to mass storage, etc, but that no longer happens when I connect to my PC (windows 7 pro).  I have read many of the forums and none of them seem to solve my problem.  When I connect my device via USB I get a message on my PC that says "USB Device not Recognized".  If fact after a phone reboot I get that message followed by a message saying "USB Device has malfunctioned".  After that happens every time I connect to my PC I get two message in a row that say "USB Device not Recognized".


      Yes, I am checking the notifications bar, and NOTHING is showing up.

      Yes, I am using the right cable.  I even went to VZ and bought a new one just to make sure.

      Yes, I have rebooted both my PC, and device, several times.

      Yes, my device is charging once connected to the PC.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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