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    iPhone 4 stopped working




      My iPhone 4 just suddenly stopped working.  I tried to reboot and recharge but to no avail.  Any suggestions?





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          Hi ybrlabs,


          I understand your concerns regarding your iPhone not working; I would be frustrated if my phone stopped working suddenly. I trust that your phone issues have been resolved by now, if not please reprogram the phone by dialing *228 and select option 1, as this has resolved similar issues for other customers.


          Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media Team monitors the activity on these forums, we offer more efficient ways to get troubleshooting assistance for critical issues such as non working devices.


          Next time you’re unable to use your phone, please contact us on Twitter @VZWSupport Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm CDT and Saturday 7am - 4pm CDT. Or call us at 1-800-922-0204 from a different phone for immediate assistance from 6am to 11pm CDT any day of the week including Sunday.

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            Oh, listing the 800 number is great but the options want you to push a button!  I'm out of state with nothing but my iphone and my car phone.  The 800 number should also have voice recognition since my car has Onstar and not a push pad!  Thanks Verizon.  I'm stuck out of state without my suddenly dead iphone and a uselessw 800 number to call.