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    Samsung Stratosphere Yahoo notifications


      I've had my phone for less than a week. For the last two nights (around 3 am!), the Yahoo notifications start going crazy; it starts "pinging" the notifications tone so fast that it doesn't have time to complete the sound before the next one starts. Yahoo on my  phone says I have over 36, 000 new messages, which I don't, of course. I can't figure out how to turn off Yahoo notifications, or even if I can turn them off seperately from my text & gmail notifications. Should I uninstall & reinstall Yahoo completely? Or just remove Yahoo from my phone?

      Thanks for your help!

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          I'm going with the assumption that you are using the Native Android Email App to get your Yahoo forwarded to your device. The interaction with Yahoo using the native app is quite buggy, but if you download the Yahoo Mail app from the market, it seems to work much better without the bugs. Now, that means you won't have a Universal Inbox for all of your emails but if it's worth the price, it should make things easier for you.