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    phone wont charge


      Can Verizon send me a free phone because mine stopped charging

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          julianna wrote:

          Can Verizon send me a free phone because mine stopped charging

          First things first how were you charging your Inc. Via the charger that came in the box or Via a computer if by computer stop that an use the charger that came with it.  If you are using the charger that came with it. then i'd say a trip to the store is needed but they may try to check your charger by hooking it up to one of the phones in the store to see if it works or get a charger that can be used with your Inc. to see if that works. Be prepaired for this And they may simply DOA yours an get you a referb but as i said it's to the discretion of the store an how they handle it.  Eather way good luck julianna And welcome to the Post.  An let us know how it Turned out.  :smileyhappy:  B33

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            Hello julianna!


            I would have to parrot everything  has posted.


            We want to make sure where the problem is. Is it the charger? Is it the charging port?

            If you have another charger, you can try it to see if the phone will charge. Otherwise, please go to the nearest store. This way a representative can help you troubleshoot it right then & there.


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