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    Voicemail password entry not recognized


      I have a message that I'm trying to retrieve and when I dial the voicemail it asks for my password, I enter it, and nothing happens.  The voice just comes on again and says to please enter your password.  What's going on???

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          Good morning and thank you longplaypg for your feedback!


          I know I'd be frustrated if I wasn't able to retrieve a voice mail message!  As mentioned, this is an issue that has been lifted up, but not resolved yet.  As a work-around, you can add pause/ wait to your voice mail password; therefore, you will only need to call your voice mail and it will skip the password request before retrieving your messages.  The 2 second pause is when you are being asked to enter password.  If you update as instructed below, it will automatically be entered in for you.  Below I have provided you with the steps to update this setting in your voice mail.


          Tap Phone

          Dial *86

          Tap Menu

          Tap Add 2 sec pause, enter password then #

          Tap Menu

          Tap Add To Contacts

          Tap Update Existing

          Scroll to and Tap Voicemail

          Tap Save 


          If this work-around does not help, please send me a Private Message, and I will be happy to further assist you. 


          Thank you,

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            I had (still have) that too. called vz support and they suggest i reboot my phone (they always suggest that).


            After reboot it will start working.


            I have had that issue on 4 different fascinate units.  


            tech supports solutions are always the same which are work-arounds, not solutions


            1. reboot phone

            2. replace phone


            Last time i called about this issue, they suggested swapping phones, told them no as i will just reboot it and i already have had issue with other fascianate units and i'm tired of having to set my phone back up again.



            If reboot is the answer, the phone should come with software to do that. not make me find it in the app store and set up a scheduled reboot.


            that's silly customer service.





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              In voicemeial tap Menu. How do you tap Menu and all other entries you suggest?

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                Did you notice that the OP started this discussion almost a year ago?

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi Dannuta,

                  I understand that retrieving your voicemail messages are very important! You ask a great question, here and it will be my pleasure to help! 

                  As Ann154 mentioned, this is an older posts and was directed specifically to the Samsung Fascinate. Do you have the same device? If so, you can access the Menu options by tapping the 'Menu' key on the bottom left of your phone. Next to your 'home' key. This will bring up additional options for the number entered: * 8 6

                  If you have a different phone or need further instruction; please let us know. We are here to help.


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