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    Can't activate my droid after factory reset?


      I have the droid (First one release) I recently dropped it, screen cracked.. I had insurance and got another droid. I've been using it just fine for 2 days texting, calling, using the data, everything was great.


      But a few hours ago I couldn't send texts, was receiving texts with extreme delay, and the ones I was recieving would repeat themselves every few minutes even though the people had only sent them once. so I thought I probably ******* something software related up, whatever. I tried doing an internal factory reset, it just stayed at reset after I clicked it, so I turned it off and did a hard reset.. turned it back on and the screen to activate came up, I hit activate, it called verizon, after pushing the numbers at prompt and waiting it said "Activation successful", I hit next and it went back to the first screen to activate the phone.. figured it was just an error, skipped, but I couldnt connect my google account (Because i still didn't have 3g due to activation). I turned it on and off, didnt work, factory reset again, didnt work, anyone know how to resolve this? It's really frustrating.. though im hoping its some freak network outage in my area and in the morning everything will be fine.




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          I know what is wrong but do not know how to fix it on a Moto Droid. For some reason, some subs when they do a hard factory reset and reactivate, the correct subscriber info does not populate and you are left not being able to do anything.


          This happened to me with my Incredible, but was vable to manually correct the areas that needed it.


          You will need to call Tech Support, 800-922-0204  Option 3 from the menu tree.

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            I did this 

            go to phone mode

            dial ##PROGRAM (##7764726) hit Send (CALL BUTTON)

            put in the SPC code which "000000" (six zero) press VERIFY

            Next screen, Go to selection "01 User Activation"

            Replace the MIN number with the MIN number that you get from PP.

            Replace the MDN number with your new PP phone number that you get from PP.

            Exit and your Phone will restart automatically.


            I now have 3g, but still can't send or recieve texts.. im gonna wait a while, see if it works

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              Hi Xiael,


              As I reviewed your posts I see that you were able to activate your phone; that's great!


              I trust that your text messaging concerns have been resolved as well by now. Thanks for keeping us posted.


              Please keep in mind that this is a peer to peer forum and while our Social Media Team monitors the activity on these forums, we offer more efficient ways to get troubleshooting assistance for critical issues such as phone activations and text messaging concerns.


              For prompt assistance from our Social Media team please don't hesitate to contact us on Twitter @VZWSupport Monday to Friday 7am - 10pm and Saturday 7am - 4pm CST.


              You can also call us at 1-800-922-0204 for immediate assistance from 6am to 11pm CST any day of the week including Sunday. Please have your phone fully charged and available for troubleshooting when you call us.