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    Help! Can't activate iPhone 4


      I'm upgrading from LG eNv to iPhone 4. I have all of my pics, videos, and contacts backed up. Instructions tell me to turn off old phone, open iTunes and log into account, plug iPhone into computer and activation screens will automatically appear.


      Well, they don't. On the phone I still have the screen that tells me to connect to iTunes with the slider to dial 911, and will not let me dial 228. iTunes just stares at me.


      I know the phone is connected, my computer does all the right things (installed, opened the dialog to ask what I wanted to open with) and nothing.  I've searched and searched, and this step is *always* glossed over as "connect to iTunes and follow instructions on the screen." Nothing about "what to do when phone is connected to computer and nothing happens."


      Any help would be most appreciated.