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    Voicemail Delay


      All of a sudden it's taking hours before my voicemails come through on my iPhone 4.  Does anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it?

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          Answer your phone!!!! But I think you will need to call into CS to see if a setting may be wrong on their end.
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            I'm having the same problem. A couple weeks ago, my phone just stopped showing missed calls and voicemails, and they would appear hours or days later.


            Any help?

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              I have the same thing happen all the time.  If I get voice mail the day before, I can look at my phone and not have any voice mail msgs.  The next day I can pick up my phone and send a text or make a call and THEN the voice mail msgs show up!?!?!?!?!

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                same problem here.  Started all of the sudden a few weeks ago - never has happened before.  After I upgraded to the new OS.  Any answer from Verizon?  Apple says check w/ carrier.

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                  My problems started after the new OS update.  But my delays are days old, not just hours old.  Saturday morning four hit my phone, two of which were from doctors trying to schedule procedures, from Tuesday and Wednesday.  It happened again today with voicemails just getting to my phone from Tuesday this week.  What is wrong?