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    Service suspended, account closed??


      I have had my Verizon phone for 4 years, no major complaints. I am currently interning in Nevada out of cell service range, and I am not getting paid right now, and my bill was 3 months late, and apparently my service was suspended. Since I am not making money right now, and I can't use the phone anyway, I wasn't in a huge hurry to pay the bill. Then about two weeks later, I went to log in to MyVerizon to see how much I owed, and I couldn't log in anymore. I don't know when the service was suspended, but I figured I'd have a little more time than just a week or so. I can't even make a new account, because it just keeps telling me Verizon will text me a password. Well, I'm out of cell service area! I have sent two emails, and so far no one has responded, even though the first was over a week ago, and the second was at least 24 hours ago.


      What I want to know is HOW to (or I suppose, IF I can) get my account re-activated, so I can pay the bill, and have my phone back. I'm going home in 3 weeks and I'd like to have a working phone before I fly cross-country. We have satellite phones here which aren't the best, so if I could fix this over the internet that would be great. 

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          You had three months to figure this out. Since you didn't suspend your service, and just defaulted payments, they cancelled your account. You'll have a dent in your credit score and a 60 day waiting period to open another account
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            Not to mention a $400 deposit per line to open a new account since you've previously default payments
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              Your best option now would be to go with a pre-paid phone (Verizon or another carrier, doesn't much matter).

              If you knew you'd want to re-activate the Verizon account at some point, being pro-active and asking them to suspend your account without billing for the time you are unable to pay would have made more sense than just ignoring the issue. Contacting customer service to let them know BEFORE the account became delinquent would have saved you a lot of grief.

              You said "Since I am not making money right now, and I can't use the phone anyway, I wasn't in a huge hurry to pay the bill." - and Verizon won't be in any hurry to help you fix it now either....

              For the future - keep CS aware of your situation and let them work with you for the best resolution. And for now, get a cheapy pre-paid that will at least give you a phone you can make calls on and learn for the next time....