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    LG Revere Daily Scoop


      How do I eliminate the Daily Scoop from my new LG Revere?

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          Hello Rocky2, 


          I can assist you with canceling Daily Scoop. Please follow the instructions below:


          1. Launch Daily Scoop: Media Center > Browse & Dowbload menu > Daily Scoop icon 

          2. In Daily Scoop: Menu > Options > Verizon Msgs > Off

          3. In Daily Scoop: Meny > Options > Bonus Msgs > Off



          Thank you, 








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            I followed the instructions from LenaA and they don't work. I had read on the Customer Reviews (under the LG Revere in the Verizon reviews) that turning off the Daily Scoop was not successful. Many users returned their phones because they were so frustrated by the Daily Scoop.  The Daily Scoop goes into an endless loop .... saying "You are almost done. Get Daily Scoop" but it never arrives. It just keeps scrolling.  When you go into the Daily Scoop>Menu>Options>BonusMsgs>Off, you can make the "Off" turn red but the radio button does not leave the ON position. So choosing Off does not actually shut it off.  Same with the "Bonus Msgs".

            I called Verizon tech support. They emailed Daily Scoop to tell them to stop sending "scoops" to my phone. The tech said that she will receive a confirmation in 2 days. Once she receives the confirmation, she will put a "block" on my phone so that Daily Scoop can no longer contact me. But she is doing this for the first time (and after several trips to the supervisor for advice) and is not positive that it will work.

            She said the problem is that the app is pre-installed. It doesn't seem to want to be turned off.


            Update: The Verizon tech received the confirmation from Daily Scoop. The tech has now put a "block" on my account to stop Daily Scoop. In 48 hours the existing Daily Scoop messages on my phone are supposed to disappear.


            2nd Update: Success.  I am no longer receiving Daily Scoop offers on my phone. 2 of the 3 previous entries in my Daily Scoop (Media Center>Browse and Download>Daily Scoop) remained in the phone for 3 days (after the 48 hour waiting period was up).  They constantly scrolled "You are almost done. Get Daily Scoop".  On the 4th day, they disappeared.

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              It must be homeland security app to spy on us