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    MiFi 4510L Firmware Update 2.23!

    John Getzke

      It looks like the MiFi 4510L Support page has been updated with new documentation.


      See the following link for more information:



      The new benefits include:

      1. Obtaint your SIM info from the Diagnostics menu of the Web UI

      2. Stronger Web UI password/Securit Key (new devices)

      3. Improved connection in 3G/4G areas

      4. Improved handoff performance in 3G/4G areas

      5. Improved VPN stability

      6. Enhanced device capability to use USB power to extend battery life

      7. Added device capability to support delivery of future software OTA


      There is release date has not been revealed for this firmware update.  Some say it will be on 11/1...


      It looks like this firmware update will not be forced like the previous update.  We can download and install this one when we are ready to do so.

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