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    Forwarding text messages


      Is it possible to forward text messages  (like forwarding calls *72 #####)??

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          I don't know about automatically since I don't have a smart phone but I can manually forward them to my email just by inputing the email address in the to field when I click forward.  Mary

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            We get this request all the time to forward text messages from one number to another. There isn't a way to do this in our Verizon Wireless systems, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a way to do it.  If the device that is having the messages forwarding FROM is a smartphone, they can download an application from the Market or App Store, or whatever other application marketplace that the device uses.  Simply search that catalog for "Forward Text Message," and you will find several applications that will get the job done. 


            If it is not a smartphone, it will likely not be possible.  Thanks for posting. I hope that answers your question.



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              If you get this request all the time, perhaps you can enable the feature? 

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                For basic phones, not likely.  You get, well, the basics.


                And smartphones have apps, so there's really no need to build in auto-forwarding for text messages.

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                  I couldn't disagree more - convenience is king... besides - will an app forward messages sent to a number if the smart phone forwarding the message is off? I just got a new iphone and I can forward my work phone calls to it but not my text messages? That renders the whole process mute. I will still end up carrying two phones... ug.

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                    I just downloaded free SMS Forwarding app from Play, which took about 1 minute to find and 15 seconds to download.  Another 15 seconds to set up, and a test text was forwarded successfully immediately.  Works great, and easy.

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                      I would mostly like to forward text messages to email or another phone when my phone is not working...



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                        If your phone is not working, then any apps that you have that are doing the forwarding will not work either.    and the short answer is no, there is no capability inherent in Verizon services to forward texts.  Phone calls, yes, but not text messages.

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                          One would assume for the cost of verizon's services in comparison to other carriers that they would care about providing their customers better services.

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