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    Not receiving mms messages


      I haven't had this phone for a month yet. In the beginning I could receive mms messages from other people with smart phones, but not from people with just basic phones. I was told by a Verizon Rep to update my service to a tower and then pull the battery out while my phone was on. This just made the problem worse to which I cannot receive mms messages from anyone. Auto-receive is turned off, and i'm never connected to wifi. Is there anything I can do to help or do I need to take it in? 

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          Did you verify on your MY VERIZON settings (online) that you have this feature enabled? Are you seeing any messages actually bing sent in the online DATA Usage section of the web site?   Just a thought.

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            Younglovekg, thank you for sharing with the community your issues with picture messaging. You should be able to send/receive picture messages with both smartphones and basic phones. Are you able to send/receive text messages? Try sending yourself a text message to see if you are getting any errors. If you are still having issues, I will need to verify picture messaging is setup on your account correctly. Please send me a PM (private message) with your name & number for further assistance. 

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              My emails are coming through I'm just not getting the notificatioins when they do, like the previews of what the email was.  ALSO for a few weeks, anytime I try to update it says my google password is incorrect (although its is) the capta wont take.  I was thinking of reseting it to factory settings but I dont want to loose the ONE paid app I have.  The free one i can redownload... any suggestions


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                Found this from the Verizon forum


                Originally posted for the Droid Incredible..may work on all Androids:



                Found this on Droidforums.net. Worked so far on my Inc, but not on friends Inc. It's a patch that needs to be installed manually. Save to Sdcard. Make sure unknown sources are checked in Apps section of settings and need a file manager like Astro to do so.
                Here's the link:    [direct download link removed]


                It worked on mine...hope it fixes yours!!


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                  @kolrox - a factory reset will redownload your PAID apps at the conclusion of the FR. If you wait too long after the FR (e.g., you don't login to Google right away), your FREE Apps might not be in your List in Market ...  So make a list of your must of your must-have FREE apps before starting the FR.  Good luck.