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    Monthly Access Charges


      Hello, I am a new customer to Verizon and was checking out my first bill. I was aware that this bill would be larger than normal as I had a partial month in there but I was actually looking at the details. One of them was the "Monthly Access Charge". Ok, I get that. (for reference, I am paying for 2 phones on this plan)

      I saw Monthly Access Charge on the 2nd page which is the overall bill. It was 9.99 plus the partial month. So far so good.  Then I look at the breakdown per phone and there is the Monthly Access Charge PER PHONE. Did I miss something here?  3 Access charges for 2 phones?  Is this normal folks?

      Thanks in advance for anyones input on this as I am totally buffaloed as to how they come up with this stuff.


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          Mine is something like $60 for first phone and $10 for second phone plus $30 data for first phone. Total around $100 plus fees and taxes. That's for 700 minutes.
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            With the new account level billing you will see a charge for the account, which includes the bulk of the Family Share plan cost, and then charges broken out for each line (the $9.99 fee, plus any add-ons like data or texting packages).  If you add up your bill, you'll find that it comes out to the published price for a plan with two lines.