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    contacts duplicating - Google - Backup Assistant


      I have the Droid Bionic. My work PC is running windows 7 and Office 2007. I want to sync the calendar and contacts to my phone.

      I bought a program called Companionlink for Outlook and installed it on the work PC. I downloaded Deja Office for the phone. At first I synced through Google, but it wouldn't sync notes that way, so I switched over to syncing through the usb cable.

      That works fine but since I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to go back to the cloud. I just like syncing wirelessly and I decided I want to try a One Note syncing program, so I don't mind anymore if Companionlink will note sink Outlook notes through Google.

      So here's my problem, syncing contacts through the usb cable worked fine. Syncing contacts through Google I end up with duplicate contacts. In Outlook I have 341 contacts. On my phone I have 665 contacts. 665-341=324.

      I searched for this topic and found out how to do this: I opened a duplicated contact, went to edit, and checked what kind of contact. The duplicates have one from Google and one from Backup Assistant from the phone. I don't even have backup assistant turned on. If I go to the backup assistant web site I have one contact, me. If I go to the Google contacts web site I have 341 contacts, correct. If I delete the duplicate contacts on the phone they will re-appear again.

      I don't know why my phone insists on displaying backup assistant contacts when
      1. it is not even on
      2. I chose to display only Google contacts in the display options, everything else is off
      3. there is only 1 contact in my backup assistant, not 324

      Has this happened to anyone else? I searched for this and didn't come up with anything specific.

      Thanks in advance


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          Sdtag, thank you for sharing your concerns with your duplicate contacts. We have seen some reports of duplicate contacts on the Bionic. In some cases it is because the contacts are syncing with Backup Assistant, Google, and another program, but in your case they only seem to be duplicated on the phone. Our product team is still investigating this duplicate contact issue, but try some of these steps: 


          To clean up your contacts, go to the contacts app
          1. select the contact source you want to delete the information from
          2. deselect all other contact sources
          3. exit the Display Options menu
          4. select the user which has incorrect information
          5. select the menu soft key
          6. select the "edit" option
          7. select the menu softkey again
          8. select the "separate" option

          9. delete the contact entry which you don't want to keep

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            I did a hard reset and that fixed it.