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    Voice guidance not working on Google Maps


      Hi everyone,


      I tried to use the "search" button on this site but I found no posts on this topic.


      When I first received my Droid Charge in mid-May I tried out the Google Maps navigation app and I seem to remember

      it had voice guidance (a female voice would tell me when to turn and give me other information).


      I don't use the Google Maps app often, as I have a navigation system in my car but when I'm in a friend's car

      or if I'm walking around in unfamiliar territory I like to use my phone's navigation app.


      Over the summer I realized it wasn't giving me voice guidance any more but I didn't really have time to deal with 

      then. I tried using Google Maps a couple of weeks ago and again there was no voice guidance.


      Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? I tried looking for some sort of voice guidance setting

      on the app itself but I can't seem to find one. Besides I can't imagine why I would have turned it off or put it on 

      mute if I had found one in the first place.


      My phone's volume settings are all pretty high if not on the max. level already. I definitely may have missed

      something  but I think it has more to do with the app settings than anything else.


      If anyone has any suggestions or solutions I would really appreciate them.