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    Don't Be Victim of Identity Theft


      So recently I was the victim of identity theft of which my credit cards were illegally charged on and my checking account was completely drained during a weekend (fri to monday morning).  The bank immediately started a fraud investigation of which i have the documents.  I had sent out payments of which the bank stated they would honor, they didn't and all the payments were returned Non-sufficient funds.  Now the problem starts, because of the NSF, Verizon has deemed me a CASH ONLY customer.  I sent emails and talk to a rep on the phone and explained the siuation and stated I can send the documentation of the fraud, timelines, etc as to the reason why the payment was returned.  I was told that there was nothing that could be done and I would have to go to a Verizon store to make my payments from here on out, possibly til March 2012.  I was told that maybe I can get this overturned after 60 days but no sooner than 60 days.  So essentially as to having all the headaches of my credit and checking account trashed, now verizon has also victimized me by branding me with big letters NSF - CASH ONLY.  I will be looking for other options for cell phone service since it can't be any worse than having to go every month to a store to make a payment.  Thanks verizon for the compassion you show victims.

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          You will only be put on cash only status after 3 returned checks within a 6 month period. So it sounds to me like VZW has a reason to be concerned
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            Hello jchavez0028!


            I can understand the hassle you've had to endure going through the fraudulent experience.  I, too, have been a victim of identity theft, and its no fun!  I would like to see if I can help you with the "Cash Only" status of your account.


            Just a few questions first;  how long have you been a Verizon Wireless customer?  Have you had 3 or more returned payments within 6 months prior to "Cash Only" status change?  And was the returned payment greater than $500?


            Please let me know so I can further assist.

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              I have recently become a victim of identity theft as well. Recently my ex-girlfriend moved out from my residence. She also took it upon herself to take my Verizon Motorola LG Ally cellular phone. I called the police and asked them to retrieve it back for me, but they were unsuccessful. I suppose they thought they had better things to do. Meanwhile I place the service in Suspend so she was unable to use my phone, and perhaps give it back. I also verified that there was no other users on the account, just in case she somehow set that up, and I was assured that there were none. The following day, my ex-G phoned Verizon Customer service and somehow was able to un-Suspend my service and use my phone. I became aware that she was using my cellular phone, and service again, so I called again and I Suspended the service again. I also changed the password, and verified again that there were no other users authorized on the account. The next day my ex-G called Verizon Customer Service. Being the cunning thief she is, she was able to convince the Rep. that she had forgotten the account password and needed assistance in gaining access to the account. She was only required to provide her Social Security Number, which was actually my Social Security Number, being the Account holder, and she was in. She changed the password and I was unable to gain access later to suspend the service again. I was told that since I couldn't recite the password that I would have to physically appear at a Verizon Wireless storefront, along with a valid ID to verify who I was. Meanwhile she was charging up the Data, and using my Cell phone. At this point, I realized that I had no phone and my ex-G continuously outwitted Verizons Security Tactics to safeguard my account information on the several occasions she did. So my only resort was to change the Cellular Number,but couldn't do that with out having the phone with me. So now I forced to purchase a new phone at full retail price $330.00, report the other phone lost or stolen to cancel out that phone, and assign a new cellular number to that new phone.So between the cost of the phone I purchased that my ex-G refused to return that the police were unqualified to recover $300.00. The new Cell phone I was forced to purchase $330.00, and the service used w/ much data $237.00 = $867.00 economic loss due to Identity theft of my Verizon Wireless Cellular Account .  

              I reported the Identity theft to Fed. Trade Comm., local Police, and of course Verizon Wireless, My ex-G actually admitted to police that she did call Verizon on the days of the theft, So police forward the report to the prosecutors office. The prosecutor has declined to file charges due insufficient evidence. I sent information with a request for Cust. service daily records that will prove that she called and used my SSN and gained access to my account. Unfortunately, Verizon Legal Compliance refuses to provide that information to me without a summons. I'm not a prosecutor, or an Attorney, and the prosecutor is too lazy request the info. I cant just get a summons that easy. So, even after Verizon Wireless is responsible for giving access to my account, which initiated all my economic loss, they wont even help with the recovery, without making it difficult or even impossible. The info that I requested would certainly show her guilt since she already admitted to police that she called on those days, and spoke to Verizon customer service. What was said is the important part, which Verizon holds that info.