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    Lost ringtones


      I just did the software update last night. I lost all the ringtones I purchased online through the Verizon website. Looked in iTunes and not there either. Anyway to get them back without re-purchasing them?

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          You can not use the ringtones you bought from Verizon on the iphone. You have to buy new ringtones from the itunes app on your iphone. 

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            The ringtones I had were purchased and used on my iphone 4 through Verizon website. After the software update, they all disappeared.

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              Are you not able to re-download purchased ringtones from Verizon? I'm not aware of the process for purchasing ringtones for the iPhone fron Verizon (I created my own ringtones using iTunes and hae browsed iTunes ringtones for purchase) so this may not be possible. Check wherever you manage Verizon purchases to see if you have the option to re-download. Also check in My Verizon to see if there is a way to re-download them in there.