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    Droid Bionic resetting itself


      Hi! Have had Bionic for less than a week. Two times it has reset itself. First time as I was picking up a call, it turned off, then right back on. Second time it happened when a text msg was coming in and I was about to reply and it froze for a few seconds then turned itself off then right back on. I only have FB and motospeak (for my command one BT) apps on the phone. Anyone else have this issue, or any ideas on how to fix?

      Thanks :smileyhappy:

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          I understand how frustrating it must be to have your phone reboot on you while using it. 


          I do not show this being reported as a known issue. You mentioned your phone has reset twice. Has it happened again since you posted there in the forum?


          One thing I would recommend is to power cycle your power at least once a week. All you have to do is simply turn the phone completely off for a few seconds. 


          If you continue to experience the random reset please let me know and I'll be more than happy to further assist you. 

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            If it has how will powercycleing once a week help cure restarting?
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              Hi, thank you for your response. I have had it power cycle since posting, and have been in talks with customer support for a phone replacement. I am starting to think though that the problem may not be the phone, but the motospeak application that I use with my command one BT. I checked the android market for reviews of motospeak and several have had the exact problem I have had, and they specified that they also have the Bionic and the command one BT. I am supposed to be talking with the rep who has been helping me at customer support to see what she thinks. Thanks :smileyhappy: