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    DATA outage across the USA?


      Why has VERIZON not made an announcement or sent an email to people so we know its not our phones and its the network? This would save them alot of problems and phone calls complaining about their phones not working.

      HEY VERIZON are you listening?

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          They only listen when you are in person or giving them money.  I wonder what they would do if we all had a PAYMENT OUTAGE for a month?

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            Does anyone from Verizon even attempt to read these discussions and try to answer our questions and concerns?  Are they denying that the problem even exists?  I'm about to start emailing media outlets if I something isn't done quickly.  I've been without reliable data for 3 days with intermittant 3G data in a 4G area.  No communication on the matter is making me upset.

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              I am for the past 3 days been out of data usage period as well. Honestly.. this is truly making verizon wireless look very bad on their end. I only yahoo catched on to this issue then other providers would havea better advantage over verizone wireless. But ya...i want to know when this **** is going to be fixed!

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                They have put out a very bad phone along with Motorola and the network was not ready to handle the increased load. There needed to be back up or reserve systems. Just goes to show how quickly you can disable a network.

                The bionic is a flop despite it being high end. The rest of the market ran it over like a freight train within a week or so.

                Verizon what is going on? Your maps show 4g where there isn't any. Your CSR's tell people it will be there soon and its an approximation. Well 1 mile is approximate, 10 miles and different cities is blatant misleading marketing.

                Not a happy camper not even to be able to get 3g half the time.


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                  They should give us all a break on our bill!!  It has been weeks with hit or miss 3G or 4G services!  Yet, we still don't have an answer!  I'm sick of paying for a service that doesn't work!

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                    I am not getting 4G or 3G coverage anywhere I go!

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                      I have been dealing with data outages for the last week. When I do have a data connection, it is always 4g and never 3g anymore. At least when I could get 3g, I got some kind of connection. 

                      I've already gone through this with them (last month) and it was down like this for 4 days. Then, magically, it started working again. This is complete **** and I've had it! (Like everyone else). 

                      I've done a sim card reinstall, a network card reinsert, a factory reset (which was a huge pain in the arse), and several battery pulls. Now, my phone is freezing up and restarting randomly. **bleep**, Verizon? I would think that, for $300, I could at least make an ****** phone call!

                      I recently had surgery, and relied on my phone to keep my family updated, and to stay connected in case I had an emergency. I had to hobble outside to find my husband yesterday, because my !@#%$ phone wouldn't work.

                      This is more than just annoying; it's absolutely unacceptable. And the only thing they tell you? "Do a factory reset" or "wait for the new software update". This is {word filter avoidance}, people. What can we do?

                      :::::tearing my hair out, and calling my phone names::::::::


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                        Hello and thank you for posting to the forums.


                        I understand your discontent with the service and we are here to help resolve this. Are you still experiencing issues with the 3G service? Does this only incur indoors? What is your zip code? What kind of phone do you have? Is this issue intermittently. We need this information to further troubleshoot. 


                        Thank you, 

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                          The 3G and 4G network have been intermittent for days in the Fort Wayne, Indiana (46808) area on the Samsung Charge and the HTC Thunderbolt. The problem exists indoors and outdoors.

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