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    Phone won't activate


      Three TS people and a total of six hours with a phone pressed to my ear later and my iPhone won't activate. It says no service where I'm assuming there should be antenna bars. TS obviously has no clue, as two people said they would call me back yesterday and haven't. The last person I spoke with had me re-download iOS 5 from iTunes. The phone walked through the screens, like i was on the right track, but it just will not activate. It stays on the "this may take a while" screen and then says it won't connect. No way to dial *228 either.

      Any clues before I call it quits with Verizon? If I needed a new phone they should have overnighted it to me so I had it today. This isn't like my Droid when it was brand new to everyone. Doesn't Verizon have any experienced people yet to deal with iPhones?

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          I have found they don't have a lot of experience when dealing with iphones, my daughter's messed up luckly the hard reset of holding in the power button while holding in the home button actually did work, however, before we knew that would work the guy at verizon stated if that didn't work we would have to take it to apple because they were very limited on their knowledge of how to fix an iphone. However if this is simply an activiation issue, I would think Verizon would be able to help you in that situation. Best of luck to you, I hope you can get your iphone activated soon. I am considering getting myself the iphone4s right now I have the iphone4 and I really do like the phone.

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            Thanks for the well wishes.

            Hopefully someone will come along here and get me going. I'd like to try it out SOMETIME during my 15 day period, lol.

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              Going out on a limb, did you try *228?

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                Yes I did, Susan. Numerous times, but with "no service" in the corner, the phone could not place the call.


                I had a *spare*  couple hours this morning, so called Verizon's TS again.

                This TS person said she was surprised the phone wasn't pronounced DOA yesterday after she reviewed all that was done to it. She offered to replace the phone and I would have a new one on Monday she said, as they don't ship on Saturday's and could not do an overnight thing, not even to one of their stores. That burned me after hearing the phone should have been pronounced DOA yesterday. By the time she switched me over to the person I had to speak with to get the replacement ordered though, Monday had changed to Friday... the end of next week! Apparently TS was wrong yet again and I should not have been told Monday. My head was ready to pop after being told this. It might not be Verizon's fault the phone arrived DOA, but it is their fault the three people I spoke with yesterday didn't issue me a new phone in a timely manner. And kept telling me they would call me back and didn't.


                I am checking out At&t's plans right now. I was with them before I made the move to get a Droid and really had no beef with them. Life is too short to be dealing with Verizon.

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                  iphones have to be actiavted via itunes not *228

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                    No Metoo, I meant after the iTunes step, some have had luck with *228 to complete the process.