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    $50 Unlimited Talk Text and Web Plan




      I'm not sure if I have this in the correct area, so please move if it isn't.


      I have this plan which I love, it's awesome, but I recieved a text from verizon the other day stating that picture/video texts will be charged starting on the 14th? Um, if i have unlimited texting does that apply to me too? I cant find anything on the site about it and its' driving me crazy! I dont send a lot of picture texts but I dont want to be charged for them when I do since I already pay a monthly fee for unlimited........Can someone please explain what the text meant!!!




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          My understanding is if you have unlimited messaging you will begin being charged for Pictures and Videos. As it is a month to month Prepaid plan, the contract can change basically every month.


          Found this response from Minniehaha, who knows about the prepaid plans.


          "On the $10.00 plan you will have picture and text unlimited on verizon to verizon and you have 250 texts for other contracts. The message was saying if you forward three pictures to three different people would be a charge for 3 texts, but no charge if its verizon to verizon but if its from or to a different contract like ATT etc. then it would cost you 1 text for each of those three people to send and 1 for each person that received the picture or text message. Actually nothing had changed as the unlimited part its mainly for people that do not have a text plan. So don't worry about it."

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            Thank you for replying, really appreciate it.


            I talked to my local verizon store this morning, and the associate said to not worry about it since I am on an unlimited plan for call text and web. That makes me feel a tons better. For a verizon store, they really had no clue what I was talking about when I mentioned the text that Verizon customers had recieved. Oh well, I'm happy now. Thanks for answering!!!