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    4G SIM card




      I currently own an HTC Thunderbolt...I am planning to sell this device, but would like to do so with a new SIM card.  I can't seem to find one available for purchase.  Previous posts indicate I should be able to buy on on verizonwireless.com, however I tried searching and cannot find it.  Cayou please provide a link or clarify?

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          I bought a T/Bolt and took it to a verizon store they gave me a sim card free.

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            If you already have a 4G SIM card with VZW provisioned (activated) then simply insert it.


            If you already have a 4G SIM card UNPROVISIONED (un-activated) it can be acitvated online to a existing VZW phone # profile if you already have VZW service on vzw.com.


            If you don't go to a VZW store, pick a plan the will activate and insert and boot.


            If online they will ship you one...