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    Someone Bought Phone from My Account


      I got an email saying that my new phone is on it's way.  I never ordered a phone, but the email has my name, phone number, and a ship to address out of state.  Contacted Verizon immediately.  They got right on it, cancelled the order, interrupted the shipment, blocked the address, and will credit my account as far as the 'new every two' that was used.

      I haven't gotten the credit, they have to receive the phone back first.  That seems reasonable.  My big question is how this happened?  I changed my password, but I don't see any other signs of problems.  I have been with Verizon before it was Verizon and every time I order a phone online I get a confirmation I ordered the phone along with a contract agreement.  I did not get that, only a shipping notice.

      Could this be an internal error that Verizon doesn't feel comfortable in admitting or should I be doing more to look for a hack?  Why would someone 'steal' a phone from my account but pay the difference between the new every two and the phone value.  It seems like they would have chosen to have the difference applied to my account.  It was like they stole a tv but bought the warrenty on the way out.

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          Same exact thing happened to me today - I get this email saying my equipment has been shipped.  I noticed that the address is in Texas under my name - I live in Nebraska.


          So I call Verizon - wait on the phone for a long time - but got someone who helped me out - they called Fedex, stopped the shipment, submitted a fraud report, and said that once they have the device back it will come off my account.  Why it would ever have to wait for that is beyond me.


          I'm hoping that my identity hasn't been stolen somehow - scary!


          Anyone else ?

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            This is definitely a trend because my friend who lives in Hawaii had this happen to him last month. Somehow someone got into his account and upgraded all 3 of his phones and shipped them to Houston, TX. He said Verizon gave him a credit and said they would investigate.

            Apparently, someone has hacked into Verizon's systems and someone is doing this. Either Verizon doesn't want to admit it or they don't know what to do about it. They definitely should come out and let everyone know what's going on.
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              This is not something verizon is doing it has to do with your charge card. My son was online in a store and his wallet was in his back pocket and he saw a guy watching him so my son took his wallet and put it in his hand to hold onto. On my sons next charge bill was a $650.00 charge for merchandise in Texas, the charge card company said crooks have a scanner and all they have to do is walk past you and they can scan your charge card  while its still in your pocket. My son did get a credit from the charge card company but this seems to be a big thing in Texas and Flordia, so I'm guessing they have friends in those state to pick up the merchandise.

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                I checked all my cards, they are all clean.  We have 4 phones on the plan, only 1 was upgraded even though 2 were eligible.  They did pay the $216 difference with a credit card, but not mine.  The ship to was Murfreesboro, TN.  It still bothers me that I never got an email stating I upgraded, just a shipping email.  Also, when I tried to look up the order, it said it was invalid.  It still feels like a system hack of some type more than a password guess.  

                It looks like FedEx gave it a new tracking number because all it says is delivery exception in Murfreesboro.  Wanted to upgrade those lines with smart phones, but will have to wait for the credit.  Would seem easy to catch if they are shipping it to a location where they pick up the device.  The place did look deserted on Google Maps Street View.  I imagine they could simply wait for the delivery and act like they just got home. 

                Even though I like to ship my phones to work, Verizon would be better off to only allow shipment to the address on record.

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                  Just to let you all know, all is good.  No charges, phone returned, credit for a discounted phone is back.  Make sure your email is up to date with your Verizon account and watch emails for anything like this.


                  Thanks to all the Verizion staff that jumped on this and took immediate action.  You made this fraud attempt a failure and minimized my trouble.