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    Unable to Retrieve MMS Messages





      I've had a problem trying to retrieve MMS messages. After someone sends me a photo, when I tap on the Messaging, and then the message itself, the text message screen crashes and displays:


      Sorry! The application Messaging (process com.android.mms) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.


      The only way to get around this message is to delete the entire thread of messages.


      So far I have tried the following to fix the problem:

      Restart the phone from the menu.

      Restart the phone by pulling the battery.

      Clear Phone and Messaging memory from the settings menu.

      Deleting and reentering the contact in question.


      None have worked so far. I've read that performing a factory reset sometimes makes this problem disappear, but for some, it will not. I'd rather not go down this route unless I have to.


      Any suggestions?






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          I've had this problem before on my Samsung Droid Charge and I have yet to find a permanent solution to this. I received this message again this evening and I'd like to know if there's a better way than to delete the entire message thread. Perhaps uninstalling certain apps will help this nuisance.

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            I'm sorry you're having trouble retrieving your MMS messages. I'm here to help.


            I've thoroughly researched this and found no reported known issue of this happening on the Samsung Charge.

            You mentioned all the troubleshooting steps you've taken and I just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. You've done all the trouble shooting and at this point the next step would be to perform a hard reset on the device. This will completely wipe your device clean and reset to the manufacturer settings.


            Please make sure you save any data onto your memory card before performing the hard reset. Once you are ready to perform a hard reset click here for step by step instructions.


            If you are still unable to view your MMS messages after performing a hard reset please let us know for further assistance.