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    Replacing phone under warranty


      The backlight on my Kin Twom has died.  I went to the store today and confirmed that the phone is under warranty.  However, they said that they could not order another Kin Twom as a replacement because none were available.  Instead, they offered a different phone I am not interested in.  I have read in several posts on this forum that it might be possible to get a certified pre-owned phone.  I would very much like to replace my current phone with the same model, so if there are pre-owned phones available how could I go about getting one?


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      Davide Carozza

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          Well that is unfortunate that you are having issues with your device.  I’ve had some similar issues and have had to go through the replacement process as well.  For information on how to get a certified pre-owned phone click here and it will take you to our website with a list of the phones available.  I hope this helps.  Thanks.

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            The replacement for my TwoM was shipped yesterday and am waiting for it. My TwoM was still under warranty.


            No really comparable phone available, per VZW support. Loosing the high quality camera with flash, no Zune, no wifi. Supposed to be a Pantech Jest, which if the original Jest (instead of a current Jest 2) won a Golden Turkey award from PCMag in 2010.


            Will see how bad it is when I get it.

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              I'm looking at having to replace my Kin2m, what options did they give you from phone choices to get a replacement.  Could you pick any certified use one, or any that they have in the store? Or did it have to be a feature phone that was compairable (even though I know there really isn't one)?

              I've already determined my problem is the phone so before my warranty is up mid November 2011, I want to get it taken care of before it's up.  I'd like to get a phone I am happy with, not one I'm stuck with.  My contract is up end of june 2012.  I really would not want to wait that long with a phone I am stuck with.


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                No choices, it seems. The VZw Tech said his warranty return software selected the replacement and just gave him the SKU number - he didn't know what the replacement phone was until I pressed him to convert the number into a phone name and number.

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                  I called someone at the Warranty Center.  They gave me the Jest as well. They didn't say if it' was the new Jest 2 or the old one. The old one I didn't like the form factor.  I asked if there was another resolution. She said she could do a manager over-ride and I could renew my contract now and pick out a new phone.  I can't pick a 4G phone or an I phone, but otherwise, I could get a new phone now.

                  I don't know how they could even consider the jest a compairable phone (they are going by price not quality..how convenient for them!).  Unfortunately anything compairable is a smart phone! I may call back and ask if there is a place where I could send my phone in to be repaired. I have a back-up phone. So I'd be willing to send it in to be fixed.

                  Not sure if I'm taking the upgrade option. As most phones I"m looking at will cost me something.  Well more than I want to pay right now.  There are free ones, but I don't think I can choose a certified used one to do the swap with.

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                    Well, the replacement phone arrived today: an original Pantech Jest (not a Jest 2).  It charged completely in about 3 hrs., and am now exploring it, manually entering my contacts, etc. It is obviously a basic phone with inferior features to the Kin TwoM feature phone. A sad disappointment... 

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                      I had the same issue but with the KIN OneM, and they still had those in stock in the store. I was going to see about upgrading to a Blackberry Curve 9330 Social Messaging phone but they consider that an upgrade(really it's not when you think about what the phones could do before hand). I was scared that I was going to have to downgrade to the LG Extravert or Pantec Hotshot, but they still have Kin ONeM s in stock if you don't mind the 4 GB and different orientation. ALmost got the KIN twoM but when I went to get it it was out of stock....