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    Why does my phone keep shutting off?

      I have an Lg Cosmo Touch and it shuts off at random even if it has a full battery, also it will say sending text message for like five minutes then i press end and it says message not sent then i resend it and it sends at fast speed. Also the battery dies really quick. My phone did not used to do that, what is going on? What should I do? also i do not have insurance on my phone.
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          Sampaw239, the issue your having definitely makes it hard to use your phone effectively and I understand your frustration. With the information you provided your phone sounds like its having some hardware issues. Since you already tried a battery pull, the last option is to perform a factory reset to clear up the issues. I researched all known issues with this phone and didn't show random reboot was reported. I show customers reported rebooting issues during text messaging and this has been lifted to product managers and will be fixed with any future update for this device. For your convenience, I have listed the steps to perform a factory reset. Remember, this procedure will erase all user data and restore the handset to the original factory settings. If you decide to take it to the store, perform the factory reset last. 



          1. Touch Settings.
          2. Touch Phone Settings.
          3. Touch Security.
            Note If prompted, touch OK.
          4. Enter the Security Code (default is the last 4 digits of the phone number).
          5. Touch Restore Phone.
          6. Touch OK.
          7. Enter the Security Code (default is the last 4 digits of the phone number).

          Additionally, if you take your phone to the corporate store to have it evaluated or call to have troubleshooting performed we will do our best to find a resolution. If we are unable to resolve the issue and your phone is within the one-year manufacturers warranty and has no physical or water damage we can replace the device with a certified like new device of the same model. If your past the one-year manufacturers warranty and no insurance on your phone, we can review the account of upgrade eligibility. 

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            I am having similar issues on my daughter's phone. She has been complaining for many months, I always told her to charge it and it discharges under 12 hours. There are no apps/ or anything running, not used at all, but battery drains.

            Is it possible to get a replacement?



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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support


              I apologize for the delayed response and I am confident your issue has been resolved since the date of your original post! If not, I can happily assist you. At your leisure please DM me your name and wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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