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    Home WiFi - Data Usage on WiFi Getting Counted Towards Limit?

      Sorry for the double post, newbie, posted in wrong forum at first.

      I just switched the whole family to Verizon. I was told that if we connected to our WiFi at home, WiFi data usage does not count towards our data limit. However, it looks like our WiFi data usage IS getting counted against the limit. What's going on here? Is there some unknown setting I have to use? I checked all the handsets and WiFi was up and running.
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          it shouldn't - unless you have WiFi turned OFF on your phone with Mobile Data on.  if the phone cannot pick up your wifi signal, then it will hit your mobile data.


          if you have an android phone, there are apps (like juice defender) that can make that switch for you automatically.

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            It took 2 or 3 customer service people to come up with the correct answer, but with the LG Revolution, it will switch to whichever signal is stronger.  We have strong 4G, so if you walk throughout the house, even though you are on WIFI, the phone could switch to pulling data through the 4G if that signal is stronger.


            So, the solution is that we had to disable the data download through the mobile network while at home, then re-enable when we leave. 


            I was very impressed with customer service, since they were trying to figure out what was going on.  I was sent a customer satisfaction survey, and in my comments I said that it was a good thing I was tracking data usage the first weekend, since 2G each is more than enough when not on wifi.  If I had not, I could have been hit with $100, $200 or more in data charges.  I was not told, nor was it in any easily available info about this. Guess what!?  Someone actually read the comments, and I received a call from a high up customer service manager. This manager was very glad I was watching this and that I had written that in my comments, since this is an issue they need to inform customers (especially new ones) customers about.


            All in all, I am very pleased with my LG Revolution and VERY pleased with the customer service.:smileyhappy:

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              Glad to hear it! But it is due, in part, to YOU, being a responsible consumer....being aware of your usage, knowing what you are paying for, and being pro-active about your cell phone/data use.

              You didn't:
              ~~Wait until you got a huge bill and be surprised
              ~~Call and blame everyone but yourself for the bill
              ~~Assume what you were told by whoever (friend? CS rep?) was correct

              You DID:
              ~~Keep track of and know how much data you were using
              ~~Know your plan limits and options
              ~~Call before you got a huge bill to make sure you understood what was going on
              ~~Take the time to understand your phone, your plan, and your usage

              Result - a bill in line with what you expect, best usage of the options available, and a happy customer.

              if only they could all be like you.....