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        I also got the "Embedded SIM" added to my itemized sales order.  I suspect this may have been a mistake as I execpt it to come with a SIM tray, may be something to do with how we ordered it with the GSM capability and international voice plan.

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          I think this just means the sim card will come already inside your phone, you don't have to put it in yourself.

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            It asked me if I planned to use the phone globally, I said yes, but then it prompted me to add a Global Data plan, which I don't need permanently. So I changed it to no. I was wondering if it would come with a SIM or if I'd need to request one next time I travel internationally
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              Does anyone know why iPhone 4S is not listed as a global phone on Verizon website, and tech spec show only CDMA and nothing related to GSM technology?

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                Good morning.


                The SIM card does come with the iPhone 4S even if you did not request a Global Data plan.  This is in case you need the Global plan in the future, you will need the SIM card.


                Jarek, the iPhone was not a Current device on October 8, when you asked this question; therefore, it was not listed on the Global Phone page.  If you look now, you will see the iPhone 4S on the Global Phone page.  Please view the following link. 


                Global Phones


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