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    vzw pic

      I got a text message yesterday that said my vzwpix.com account had been inactive for 150 days, I havent ever used it before so I logged on and there were some pictures uploaded on 4/27/07. My husband's number was the account owner so it was his number@vzwpix.com. How did those pics get there? He has never even been on the internet, he wouldnt have a clue how to upload those pics.  I couldnt find out any info about the pics. Did they have to come from his phone or could they have come from someone else on our plan? Is there anyway to find out who sent the pictures?
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          If the number you logged into Pixplace was with your husband's number, then these had to have been photos uploaded from his phone. Unless you did not have the number back in 07, but I'm assuming you did. When you take a picture there is an option to send to online album. It is possible it could have been done accidentally but they still would have had to have come from his phone.