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    Apps on SD card


      I moved a lot of my apps over to my SD card yesterday because I couldn't connect to the server to check for new software updates and someone suggested that might help. Now I cannot access those apps. The ones with shortcuts say that the attached app is no longer installed and others just don't show up. When I try to get back to the 'manage applications' screen where I can move them back, the app just says "computing...." and never does anything. I've tried doing a battery pull and removing/replacing the SD card but nothing works. Also, I can no longer download anything from the Market as it just says "downloading" forever and will never actually start to download. Is anyone else having this problem or have any idea how to fix it? Some of those apps I really need and it's driving me nuts.

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          Under sd&phone storage does it say remount or unmount
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            It has the option to Unmount the SD card, but when I click that it freezes the phone and then force closes.

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              I would make sure that you can read the card with a computer if not the card may be bad. It almost sounds like you have usb cable plugged into device from a computer. You probably do not. Also the card could not be seated properly shut down pull card and reboot see if it tells you preparing sd card or not. When you put the card in it should click in place. Don't just pull the card out push in on it it should have a spring action then remove it.
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                I have tried removing and replacing the card several times, and each time my phone reloads it does say preparing sd card. But then nothing else with it will work.

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                  See if you can read it from a computer and try booting in safe mode power down power back on and when the second HTC screen comes hold the volume down button. Then see if you can manage your sd card.

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                    Look at your sd card in .android_secure and see if you have any duplicate files named -2 try moving them to a different location maybe to your computer and see if that fixes it. I read on another site that deleting the duplicate files would fix this problem.
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                      I can not express enough how bad of a ideal that moving to sd  feature is, it causes more issues than help...


                      To resolve the market update issue all you had to do was mount sd card to pc and browse to /sdcard/.android_secure and delete the smdl2tmp1.asec and then reboot device.

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                        So you should never puts apps on the MicroSD card?

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                          I never could understand that option on a device when they know that the apps will stop functioning if the phone is used as a Mass Storage device and not to forget the sd card is the last item to load after a reboot..

                          Besides their is no way that a sd card will access and write faster than a phones flash memory.

                          Worse ideal ever....
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