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    Droid Incredible 2


      My phone is stuck on a different time zone but iam in eastern time zone 

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          Its stuck in central Time Zone will not go back to Eastern Time 

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            I can see how that can be very inconvenient.  If my phone was stuck in another time zone, I don’t know what I would do.  I have few questions about this situation.  Have you pulled the battery from your phone?  Have you enabled Air Plane mode on/off?  Have you done a master reset on the device?  If not here are the steps:


            From the home screen, touch Menu

            Touch Settings 

            TouchSD& phone storage

            Touch Factory data reset

            Tap Reset phone

            Tap Erase everything

            Device will begin to reset


            Please answer these questions so I can get this issue resolved for y ou.  I hope this helps.  Thanks.

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              Yes i did a Factory reset and puled the battary and its still on there.What should i do next

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                bigmpowerstroke, I'm sorry the previous directions didn't work. I understand how having the correct time on your phone is important. I wanted to provide you with the directions below to setting the correct time zone manually. If this does not work, we may  need to perform further trouble shooting. This can also be found in your user manual for your phone online via our official website. 



                Setting the time zone, date, and time


                To set the time zone, date, and time on your phone manually, you need to turn off auto time synchronization first.

                1.Tap the HTC Clock widget on the Home screen.

                2.Tap the World Clock tab.

                3. Press MENU and then tap Local time settings to open the Date & time settings screen.

                4.Clear the Automatic check box.

                5.Tap Select time zone. Scroll through the list and then tap the time zone that you want.

                6.To change the date, tap Set date. Adjust the date by rolling the day, month, and year scroll wheels on screen and then tap OK.

                7.To change the time, tap Set time. Adjust the time by rolling the hour and minute scroll wheels onscreen and then tap OK.

                8.Tap the Use 24-hour format check box to toggle between using a 12-hour or a 24 24-hour time format.

                9.Tap Select date format then select how you want dates to be displayed.(The selected date format also applies to the date displayed in the alarm clock.)


                You can also press MENU from the main Home screen, and then tap Settings > Date & time to open the Date & time settings screen.