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    LG Ally issues


      I got my Lg Ally a little less than a year ago. At first, I loved the phone. I didn't have any problems with it. In about July, I started having problems. It would just freeze and basically wouldn't do anything. I took it in to my local Verizon and no problem, they had me send it in and get a refurbished phone. I had that phone less than a month and began the SD card issue (randomly tells me my SD card is removed, it isn't). I thought that's fine, I can deal with that. Then it began randomly shutting off. I went back into the store and they basically said they had no idea what I was talking about, but to call customer service from a different number the next time it happens. I did and the guy was very nice said the SD card thing was known, but the shutting off thing wasn't. So, they again sent me a new phone. This time it started happening the same day I activated the new phone. Now a month later, my phone shuts aorund 5 times a day. My contract doesn't renew for another year.

      My question is this, if I am obligated to stick to the contract, shouldn't Verizon be obligated as well. I would just like to renew a 2 year subscription and get a new phone. Is there any way this is possible?


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          To me it sounds like you may could be having a sd card issues, when they go bad they can cause rebooting issues and this would also explain the card reading it is dismounted, try removing the card and see if your issue stops... If it does then I would get a new card..

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            Thanks for the suggestion, but I have already tried a new SD card. It doesn't help. At 1st when it would just say sd card removed, it wasn't a big deal. but now that it is shutting off my phone sometimes, during calls, it is a big deal. I travel for work, and I prefer knowing my phone works when I leave the house.

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              Well, certainly I do apologize for the terrible phones that you have received.  I have been in situations like that with my replacement phones and it is not fun.  In order to resolve your issue can you please PM me your name and number and I can see what other options we have for you.  Hope this helps.  Thanks.