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    Error message when sending text messages


      For the past two weeks, I have been having intermittent text messaging issues with my Dinc.  Approximately 40% of my text messages are not going thru.  I receive a pop up on my handset that says "SMS error, General Problems."  When I click "details", I get the following information which means nothing to me: "Cause code: 32273, Error Class:3."


      I also am not receiving approximately the same amount of messages that are sent to my handset. I have tried dialing *228 and doing a battery pull on my phone.  I do not use a third party text messaging service.  After spending an hour on the phone with VZW tech support, they did issue a trouble ticket for my problem as they cannot figure it out as well.  The problem with this is that I was told that it could take 2 to 6 business days for someone to resolve this ticket and contact me back.


      This is rather irritating that I am expected to wait a week for a possible solution and during this time, I am missing work-related text messages, and as it turns out today, phone calls as well.  Also, when I am getting the error message while trying to send messages, I am unable to make outbound phone calls.  I am slightly frustrated.


      Is there any solutions that anyone has on here while I wait the 6 days for a possible solution from Verizon?


      Thanks in advance for any possible help!!!!

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          This is a feature issue from the network but I am not sure what exactly the code it for but CS should be able to tell you what the code is, there has been a number of users seeing text message errors like this lately and usually CS was the only one to resolve the issue from the reports I have seen..


          I remember seeing something about the contacts number having a +1 before the contacts numbers imported from FaceBook, by chance is the contact that you seen this issue with is a facebook account?   If so and the number has a +1 before it try clearing this by following the following....  Settings / Call / Home Dialing / No, Use Original Number and Do Not Ask Me Again.



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            Under call, I do not have the setting that you are referring to. :smileymad:  I would like to try that and see if it works, as some of my numbers in my contacts mysteriously have gotten a "1" in front of them even though I know I did not program it that way.


            However, I do know it is not isolated entired to my FB contacts, because when I attempted to respond to a direct text from a VZW technician yesterday, that message failed in its transmission as well.


            I do appreciate the advice, though, and will continue to search my phone for that setting.  Thank you!

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              I have a Thunderbolt so it could be possible that the option isn't on the Incredible... Plus I am not sure if the Incredible has 2.3.4 Gingerbread build that may be the difference also..
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                I do have 2.3.4.  I guess I just don't have that option.  Darn it!  Thanks for trying!!


                Anyone else have any other suggestions?  I am still fighting this issue this morning, and it is annoying since I have no way of knowing how many incoming text messages I am not receiving.

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                  Anyone else have any thoughts on what is causing this issue or what I can do to fix it?



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                    This issue was talked about in another thread. The Incredible update to Gingerbread (Maintenance Release (MR) 4)  has caused some issues with text messages.  If you have Gingerbread on your Incredible, and you are experiencing this issue, please contact tech support directly at 866-892-7957 or call *611 option 3.  


                    Maineria, you can DM me if you are still awaiting the results of your trouble ticket.  I can call you to assess your account.  Thanks for posting.  We'll get you up and running A.S.A.P. 



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                      Thank you for the phone number to technical support.  I have called them, and found out that my trouble ticket had been marked as resolved and closed, when it wasn't, so they have opened another ticket for me.  Hopefully, there will be a successful resolution to the problem this time.


                      Thank you!