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    unlimited tethering plan


      I recently visited a vz store to inquire about adding tethering to our plan and the info that I received made me a little suspicious as I don't totally believe it to be accurate. We're currently on a family plan with 2 phones on unlimited data plans. We're grandfathered in and not under the new limited data plans. I have a droid and my wife has a droid x. I asked the guy about adding tethering to our plan and he looked up our acct and said that if we upgrade at least one phone to 4g and add tethering, the tethering plan will be unlimited data. I asked what happens if we don't upgrade to 4g and just add tethering to one of our existing droid phones and he said that it would be capped. I don't remember what the cap was.


      Can anybody confirm if this information is correct, specifically about upgrading to a 4g phone such as the Bionic and getting unlimited tethering for $30? If this is actually true, we might consider it. Thanks.

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