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    Droid 2 Problems


      This droid 2 will go through power cycles, will receive only some calls, the keyboard locks up, the screen freezes, will not respond to anything but to take the battery out, and will send previous text messages. I have had five of these phones and each one I get does not fix the problem they will send me a new one and it works for about a month then starts again. I have been very disappointed with verizons service we have spent hours trying to fix this whether it be in the store or customer service. Everytime they make up new excuses as to why it doesn't work and offer to replace the phone once again. Even your sales reps and customer service admit having similar problems but as a sales rep they cannot do anything but send you another refurbished phone. This is a safety problem as I do not receive some calls and do not know until the person tells you this limits the use of the phone. I cannot text message or use the browser without the keyboards freezing or the whole phone to freeze. It also goes through power cycles during the middle of something unexpectedly. I have been very disappointed with verizons service as I spend over $2,500 a year and I cannot even use my phone for basic needs. I have also been disappointed with the android software as it does not seem near as good as the other operating systems. I have had representative tell me that they cannot wait to get a new phone but they love their work iphone. But even though they realize the problems even the store manager does not have the capabilities to get me a new phone other than 1 older than what I have now. Verizon has not resolved any problems nor have they offered other phones with different operating systems. They only offer what I have currently which I do not want to spend multiple hours every month just to get a working phone. Verizon has not offered any solution all they have done is cover up the problem and push it aside hoping I deal with my current phone until my contract expires where I can get a new one or choose a different service provider.