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    Using too much data..


      I just switched from WildBlue to Verizon and I'm having data problems.   We're using way too much data and I keep upping the plan.   I'm using the mobile hotspot and it comes in better with the droid than the tablet.    I read somewhere in the forums that the 4g hotspot still has an unlimited plan but can't find it again.    Any suggestions ?   I'm just browsing the web....shopping and not downloading music or videos.  We're new so we're browsing apps and downloading some.    I like to leave my computer on with the email and facebook open and then have another window to browse the news or stores.   That doesn't seem like excessive use.

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          There are no unlimited data plans. What do you mean it comes in better with the Droid? You can get 5GB for $50 or 10GB for $80. Are you saying you have both a Droid and a Mobile Hotspot? If so, you have two data plans, one for your Droid and one for your Mobile Hotspot. Do not connect your Droid to your Mobile Hotspot. You would be using up your Hotspot data to connect a Droid that has it's own data. That would make no sense. Maybe I don't understand what you're saying.
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            I do have the droid with mobile hotspot and the galaxy tab with it.    The droid gets a better signal so I end up using that one if I'm home.  Right now, I think I have them both at 4gb and I don't think that's enough.   I just wondered if there were a better way.


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              There is no 4gb data plan. There is 2gb for $30, 5GB for $50, and 10GB for $80. Those are your choices. It would be foolish to leave your computer connected to the internet using a Verizon broadband plan. Wireless broadband is not really intended to be your at home internet provider, hence the name "mobile." You need cable, DSL, or U-Verse for your home internet and Verizon for your mobile devices.
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                We don't get those things out here...we have dial up or satellite.   When we got the plans, this was the main reason...to replace the home internet and we were told it would work.

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                  I do have 4gb with mhs on both devices, also.

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                    Of course it will work. However, you don't really have enough capacity for most people to be happy with for a home internet connection. I don't think Verizon offers a 4GB data plan of any type. Maybe you're confused with 4G which is your SPEED, not your data plan.