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    Payment arrangements


      I will not be able to make my bill due date.

      Is there away to set an arrangement so that can make the payment  about a week late without service interruption or late fees?

      Love  your service and your support has been great!

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          Good afternoon Green_December,


          I'd be more than happy to advise you how to make a payment arrangement.  You can conveniently do this by dialing #PMT from your handset and review the options available to you or by login in to My Verizon. If your account is already pass due and you will not be able to make a payment for the full amount in the next seven days then you may call our Financial Services Department at 866-266-1445. However, anytime you have a pass due balance of $5 or greater you may be charged a $5 late fee or 1.5% of the pass due balance on your next bill. I'm sure you'll find this information helpful. Have a great day!



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            Awesome thank you so much. You all are the best!

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              Hi my name is Walter <Edited for privacy> and I talked with an agent last week about my bill.  I made a 100.00 payment and we discussed that I would be making the entire payment within this week and or before the third of July 3.  Well now I am receiving calls of interruption.  I always talk with Verizon there is going to be an issue and I stick with them.  I wish someone could talk on Sundays just for stuff of ths nature.  there has been confusion.  I have been with you guy as long as over fiftteen years when qwest was the carrier.  I do not want to lose confidence with Verizon.  Could someone please contact me and let me know that someone is paying attention to us.  I told the represenative   that the bill would be paid like I said before or on the third.  <Edited for privacy>


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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi there! We certainly are listening to our customers. If you made payment arrangements, and keep those existing arrangements, your service will not be interrupted. You can contact Financial Services at 866-266-1445.

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                  Macie Best

                  Hello verizon, today is sunday and I tried to contact financial services and they are closed. I tried to achieve my goal through automated system in Financial services but to no avail. My account is past due I am able to pay 100.00 now and the entire balance on the 6th, but Im very afraid my service will be disconnected tomorrow. I really wish that verizon would put a disconnect date on the bill so that I know how much time I have to make the minimun payment/entire past due. I dont make a habit of being in this situation as I dont like running a little short on funds but had no control this time and cannot afford to pay the $15 reconection fee per phone. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone on sundays or at least be able to do an online chat for interruption of services only type deal, that would be so helpful and comforting for times like today. Please let me know your thoughts? I would have went ahead and paid the 100 dollars now but the system told me my phone could still be turned off, and because I couldnt talk to anyone to discuss arrangements I want to make the payment and arrangements at the same time, I could not do this as it is Sunday. Im streesed! Hopefully you will respond to this in time as well as it is Sunday after all. Thank you waiting to hear from you