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    Pantech Breakout Quick Keys


      Ok i went from a droid2 to one of the new pantech breakouts, seems since the OS upgrade they both have the same quick key bar at bottom with phone / contacts / messaging / apps


      On the droid2 i could long press and change the app, but on this breakout i can't seem to change them, main reason changing them as i want my 3rd party messaging app (handcent) in place of the stock messaging on the bar.


      I've searched quite a few places and can't find much of anything maybe since so new i'm not sure.


      any help would be appreicated.





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          Hey scooterh928! Thanks for brining your question to the community! If I understand correctly, you want to know how to change apps on the display of your Pantech Breakout. You're right in that pressing and holding the icon in question is normally how you move or delete application icons. However, I have had no luck in changing or altering the preloaded messaging application from the test phone. I'm going to have to conclude that the placement of this icon is not malleable. You can still add a shortcut to your preferred messaging application to the desktop, though. Have a great day! 

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            I figured this out. First, you can Google pantech Breakout user guide and find it online. If you go to the apps screen, then hit the settings button and choose edit, you can drag any app to the shortcut bar. My problem has been I have the dolphin browser down there and it disappears from the shortcut bar at reboot or some other times.
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              I just got my Breakout today and this is my first phone of this type.  I am trying to familiarize myself with it.  Quite by accident I pressed the main screen, not just tapped it, and it brought up a selection screen "Add to Home screen".  I selected Android Widgets and the 4th selection is Home screen tips.  It explains how to remove, add or move apps.  I have tried it and it works fine.  Hope this will help you.