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    droid bionic restarting


      Ok I'm not to sure how to solve this problem.  At first I thought my battery was draining way too fast because I know I shut my phone off for hours at a time while at work and then today I saw with my own eyes what was happening.  I shut my phone off and within a few minutes the phone is turning itself back on and killing my battery.  If I shut my phone off it should stay off, right??

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          shutting it down or turning off the screen? Big difference

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            @stardncr2  I can see how this can be alarming to have your phone turn on after you had shut it off.  I’ve had similar issues with my phone so I know how troubling it can be.  To answer your question: yes when you shut the phone off it should stay off. Are you sure that this is not the case?  Are you having any other issues with the device besides the power issue and the battery draining?  Regarding your battery draining issue, have you checked to see if your 3rd party apps are causing any of the issues? Also, have you done a master reset on the phone?  Please answer these questions so I can further complete the trouble shooting process.  Thank you.

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              My phone has been doing the same thing since I got it. I brought it into Verizon and they ordered me a new phone. Same problem with this phone. I have been through a master reset and nothing has changed. I was finally told that I should not shut my phone off at night....just turn it to sleep or airplane mode. I want to be able to turn my phone off at night.


              Other things have been going wrong too. I keep losing my apps that I have downloaded from the market. It seems to be when it restarts on by itself the apps are gone. I have had to reload the apps 4 or 5 times a week.


              I also have issues with 3G service being available. If I go into some buildings I lose the service all together and the only way to get it to come back is to restart the phone.

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                That bites about the restarting...I havent had that issue yet. As for the missing apps...this is caused by moving your apps from internal memory to external/media memory. This is a bug acknowledged by Motorola and is supposedly going to be fixed. In the meantime, leave your apps that you download in internal memory...when downloading, they should default to internal memory so no action is required after that

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                  I've had my Droid Bionic for a couple days and I've experienced this same "restarting" feature. I power off the phone (hold the power button and choose "Power Off" from the menu. The phone powers off. A minute or so later, I saw it booting up. Did full boot up and sat powered on. I thought I imagined it the first time, but it's happened a few more times (and, again, I've owned it for two days).


                  Other main problem is outbound texts. Inbound work all the time but outbound get stuck and only go out if I power off and then power back on. Then the texts will immediately send. If I then try to send more, they are stuck until I turn off and on. I've done a factory reset and that solved the issue for a while, but it came back. I only a battery pull the next time, and that fixed it for a while, but then it came back. So now, I have to shut down and restart every time I want outbound texts to get sent. I'm going to dig around the forum for an answer, but if anyone knows of a thread already discussing this issue, pleast post a link to the thread. Thanks.

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                    I don't see a solution to this problem.  Am I missing something?  All I see are some questions from tech support and a few testimonials from others having the same problem.  I don't see a solution.


                    My Bionic is doing the same thing described in the original post.  Just a few days out of the box.  I turn it completely off (not just sleeping or whatever).  Then it sometimes powers itself back on without any prompting -- it's just sitting there on my desk and it powers on by itself.


                    Let's re-open this issue and find a solution please.