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    Military Clause


              I will be moving overseas for a 1 year short tour, and than will be stationed overseas afterwards for another 18-24 months. I'm trying to find more information about Verizon's "Military Clause" for early termination without having to pay fees. Any help would be appreciated.

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          I do not believe there is an early out without an ETF. There is an option to suspend your account for 24 months and then extend it another 24 without billing.

          If you go this route, you need to call CS. It seems storss can only handle a 3 month suspension. Also be sure to inform them suspension WITHOUT billing
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            Call customer service. You should be able to terminate without a fee, but you might need to provide verbal or written proof of your deployment. I know people who have canceled service without an ETF due to deployment before, but I can't find the details in the customer agreement online here. So it's probably internal policy, subject to change, that you'd need a customer service rep to tell you about directly.
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              You would be able to suspend without billing or with (your choice) while deployed.  You would then resume service upon returning.  You do need to directly speak with customer are via 1-800-922-0204