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    vtext help


      ok,  so are you supposed to send a vtext ##########@vtext.com from your text message program - or is it supposed to be used thru email and/or the vtext website?


       I want to text a number thru vtext and i was using it thru my email which is on my phone, but then after awhile the person stoped receiving my messages.


      if you send a vtext thru texting, what is the difference between just texting the number normally?  and is there a reason the texts sent thru the email on my phone thru vtext would stop working?



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          I believe the number@vtext.com is a way for people who don't have texting on their phones to send text messages to those that do - either through their email program or through the Verizon website.


          Sending a text message from your phone to the #@vtext.com as if it were an email address is kind of overkill - just send a text.  Unless that's not working, then you could try the other as an alternate way.  I've never tried it--if you both have texting, why go through vtext?

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