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    Phone Shuts Off


      I have an LG Envy 3.  My phone keeps shutting itself off.  I have done many things to correct this problem.  Verizon has updated the software on the phone.  Verizon has sold me new batteries.  Verizon has sent me new replacement phones-twice.  Verizon has done a soft reboot of the phone.  None of these things has done any good.  I tried to live with this problem, but now that my 11 year old son goes to school by himself I want him to be able to reach me.  The other day his plans changed and he could not contact me because my phone had shut itself off and I did not know it.  i guess I need a new model phone.  I think Verizon should provide the phone to me without cost to me-including the upfront cost before a rebate.  What do you think, and whom can I write to accomplish this?




      Anthony (Tony) Meeker

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          "Then I found this discussion and the solution!!! I very carefully cleaned the gold plated battery contacts on the phone and on the battery itself  with a cotton cloth. And presto, problem fixed, I have not had the phone shut off for 2 days now! Before cleaning, I had looked at the contacts with a magnify glass, and they did not really look dirty or had any tarnish buildup, but I cleaned them anyways. (I used to use a pencil eraser for cleaning contacts, but you should NOT use that here as an eraser is too abrasive and may remove the micro thin gold plating.)"





          "I stopped by here last week to see if anyone was having the shutdown problem and if there was a fix. I tried to update my software over the air and it said there was no update available. It seemed to shutdown when it was in my pants pocket continuously. I read one of the posts about cleaning the battery terminals and did so both on the battery itself as well as the phone. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of "fuzz" near the terminals and I cleaned that off too. That was Friday and it hasn't turned itself off since, but then I haven't had it inside my pants pocket since then either! We'll see tomorrow."




          "now that you mention it, although I did say in my previous post that my contacts were not dirty, I do recall seeing some very small fuzz or what even looked like a white powder on the contacts. I cleaned mine over a week ago, and it has not shut off once since."




          "I Posted this comment this morning regarding the LG Octane.  It might just apply here.for the ENV3.  

          Shutting down problem SOLVED .  I suffered with shutting down every 30 seconde for two weeks !!!  I couldn't use the phone.  I went through 8 new phones in the store.  Did everything with Verizon techs and engineers.  They finally determined it was a flaw in my phone number setup in their system.  Verizon completely reset my number in their system with no success.  They even changed my number to my wife's number as a test.  My phone then worked perfectly, her phone didn't.  So it is not phone related.  Verizon then temporally gave me a new number and problem went away.  So - I now have a new phone number.  Disappointing since I had the old one since 1985.  There has not been a single shutdown since I received the new number."




          "My kids (19 and 22) both have the blue Env3, and neither one has shut down issues.  Well, my daughter did but we cleaned the contacts and added a couple of small pieces of 3x5 cardstock to make the battery fit more tightly, and she says it's working fine now (this was several weeks ago).  They got the phones in December 2009, and my 22 year old son has been on the phone (calls) for literally HOURS a day (girlfriends!) and my daughter has texted thousands of messages a month; thye USE those phones!"





          posted by an employee from LG


          "Is the enV3 still under Warranty?  There is a known issue with the Battery not fitting tightly enough and causing this problem to happen on some phones...  If it's under warranty, the Phone and Battery should be replaced...  Can you contact Verizon or LG Support to see what they can do for you?  LG Support is at (800) 793-8896"