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    USB Device Not Recognized


      Have had no issues with my HTC Trophy connecting to Zune since I got it in June.  Last night I connected and was notified of the 7392 update (pre-Mango) which I performed.  It went through the update without an issue.  During the process I did notice after the phone re-booted, there was a USB device update. Later in the eveing I re-connected to see if the Mango update was yet available (it was not).  The USB connection to Zune worked last night even after the 7392 update. 


      Today when I connect my phone to the computer I get "USB Device Not Recognized" issue.  It goes on to say that "One of the USB devices attached to the computer has malfuntioned and Windows does not recognize it."  Again, everything worked fine the previous time I connected it and I did no further updates to the phone or computer since then.  Obviously, since the computer does not recognize the device, I cannot get to Zune to try a rollback from the 7392 update.


      I've tried re-boot the computer, turning the phone off and on, connecting to different USB ports (front and back) -- all with no luck.  Any suggections how I correct the sudden USB Device Error?  Thanks..

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          Solved....Found this after much searching. 


          Do following with phone connected (USB) to computer:


          1. Turn off your phone.

          2. Turn it back on again and as soon as it vibrates press and hold the camera button.

          3. Hold the button until the "connect your phone to the PC" screen comes up.

          4. Once you have got the screen, do not do anything with your phone until it shuts down and restarts automatically. That can take up to 5 minutes.

          It forced the re-install of the Trophy WP7 drivers and again able to connect to computer/Zune.

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            This fixed my phone as well... However, I was unable to power up the phone and get  the correct menu while the phone was attached by USB... I did the above, but didn't plug my phone into the computer until I got the Connection iconograph on the phone (Between your step 3 & 4).  It  worked as advertised. (and did take around 5 minutes)

            Thank you so much for posting this.  I thought my phone was dying- my son's Trophy worked, while mine was being wonky.