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    lost phone options


      i have an lg versa. i lost it and had service shut off on it. i got it back and have not turned on service. i don't want this phone anymore as I don't like it. so i would like to know what my options are.


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          Your "options" would depend on answers to some questions. How long have you had the phone?  When are you due for an upgrade?  Did you have insurance on the phone?  You can always buy a phone off ebay or another vendor and activate it on your number, as long as it's a Verizon compatible phone. 



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            I went to my local store and was able to get one at the 1 year price since my first 6 months of my service is in like 3 weeks.


            However i dont know what i want since i want a perfect phone and nothing is good enough for me. i don't think i like any phone period.  not one does everything i want or does it well if it does do it. Not even the iphone which isn't verizon of course. so i dunno what to do.


            i dont like the www browser on blackberries. i don't like how hard it is to use the htc pro. i dont like how none of the other phones have an app store. i want a phone that can do more then what comes on the phone when you buy one. however the verizon app thing sucks, hardly anything on it. blackberries i dont like really. well, the storm anyhow and i don't like the browser at all on them. $30 data plan is a rip off too. 


            i looked at the tour, storm and htc pro today. don't like all of any of them. some stuff i do like from each but not sure. like if one thing bothers me i don't think I'd want the phone. i have an ipod touch and the onscreen keyboard blows anything else away. so does the www browser. 


            I liked how the storm is better with the new software from a couple months ago, but still don't like the screen that much and the pushing down on the screen i don't like either. That's kinbda lame. i like blackberry app world,. but it doesn't have much still. 


            i like the picture quality of the htc pro and blackberry tour. the tour isn't touch, but it is nice i think. i don't know about the scrolling cujrsor on the tour if id like it much or not. the screen qyuality is nice though and the way it looks in general, the case/what its made of is nice too. 


            the htc pro was hard as heck to use. wow. it seemed scrolling left and right and up and down on the web or whatever should be more smooth like the iphone and ipod touch is so smooth. it was a major pain in the booty to use the browser trying to type in urls or anything really. there was no onscreen keyboard to use but i know it was cus i didn't do something. i clicked on the keyboard thing on the bottom in the middle of the screen and it opened some white small icons or whatever, not a keyboard. ie browser can't even display apples web site correctly. opera did better, but still not that good. text zoom kinda was nice when viewing the app store thingy online text only. there was a lot of apps that seem cool. when you double tap to zoom it zooms how a mobile browser should zoom. all text is zoomed and made to fit on the page so you only have to scroll up and down, not left to right to read anything. apples sucks majhor when zooming. but the lg versa broweser and this htc pro do it much better. remote desktop on the htc pro and other windows mobile would be nice to use so i dont have to use my laptop. be nice to lay in bed and do that to a pc here but of course only if it worked good.


            I really really don't know what to do, :smileysad:

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              However i dont know what i want since i want a perfect phone and nothing is good enough for me. i don't think i like any phone period.  not one does everything i want or does it well if it does do it...

              I really really don't know what to do,:smileysad:



              Well, I guess that about sums it up then.....and good luck finding a phone that will work for you.  There's nothing wrong with wanting perfection, but don't expect it (in a phone, or anything else, for that matter)!  If you do, life will be mighty disappointing!  Make a list of those things you CAN compromise on in a phone, or that aren't quite so critical, then a list of MUST HAVE's, and see if there is anything close.  That's about the best I can offer......