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    phone storage

      I know this is a TB forum, but no response on other forum and I usually get good responses here.

      My wife has the incredible and recently has the warning of phone storage space getting low. However, only 160MB used and 588MB free under all tab. On SD card tab 435MB used and 1.4GB free. Why she getting this warning?
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          i used to have the incredible and got that warning from time to time. in my opinion, it's a bit premature, and i'm not sure why the device warns you when you clearly have plenty of space. try clearing out old text message threads and try clearing the cache in some of the apps (facebook, internet, etc, etc). this should get rid of the message. also make sure that she powers it down completely from time to time. there's an app i used to use called "history eraser." you could clear all of the caches at once. you just have to make sure it works with her inc because i noticed that on my tbolt i would select "clear caches"....but when i went back into the apps, they had not cleared.