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    Verizon cheating customers on high speed internet - KEEP AWAY!!!


      I wanted to switch my internet to verizon and called up the company. The service rep checked and told me I can get up to 7 Mbps from verizon for $29.99. Hearing this, I decided to sign-up with verizon and cancelled my existing cable service. When internet was installed, it turned out to be only 1 Mbps (actual 0.8 Mbps).


      Upon calling Verizon, the rep asked me to pay $44.99 to get 7Mbps and refused to admit the previous error. Since I was stuck with verizon, I agreed to pay more. However, even after supposed upgrade, speed was 1Mbps. This time the rep told me that I cannot get 7Mbps at my address. After this whole process, I was paying $44.99 to verizon for a low speed, had cancelled my existing service and verizon refused to compensate for lying to me.


      The last rep also refused to connect me with her supervisor. Upon request that supervisor call me, she took my number but in last one week, no call back yet. Verizon is a fraud - keep away. They are trying to rip-off people by mis-leading and giving incomplete information.


      KEEP AWAY!!!