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    Problems downloading picture messages


      The last 2-3 days I have been unable to download picture messages when friends send them to me. The available memory on my phone seems to be fine. I've restarted the phone twice. I'm not sure what else to try. Any thoughts?

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          Well I managed to figure out what my problem was! Some how my mobile internet connection got turned off. Soon as I turned it back on, my picture messages downloaded no problem.

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            I am having the same issue, along with the fact that I am unable to send picture messages as well. My mobile connection is turned on, I have restarted the phone, taken out the battery, replaced it etc. And it still doesn't work! I would like to send pictures since I am paying for the unlimited data plan, seems pointless if I can't send and receive pictures! 

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              Mine just stopped sending and recieving picture messages. **bleep** is up with it?
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                Hi Tinalee08,


                I understand your concern in not being able to send a picture message. When trying to send a picture messaging, are you seeing an error messages on why the picture was unable to be sent? Do you know if you have a service blocks added to on your line blocking you from sending a picture message? If you did not see any error messages as inquired, please take a picture and send it to your email address. You can enter your email address in the send field of your picture message. Please watch to see if there are any error messages provided shedding light on why the picture message was not able to go through. Please post back with the results.


                Also, you mentioned that you were not able to download a picture. Are you meaning your not able to receive a picture message? As a suggestion, ask someone to send you a picture message with using your mobile number. If the picture message does not come to your phone, try to find out what error message that person seen when they tried to send you the picture message. As asked when sending a picture message, please post back with the results. Lastly, if you still are having an issue in trying to send and/or receiving a picture message, please send me a private message with your contact information. I'll be glad to look into the issue.  I hope these suggestions provided are able to help resolve the problem along with those previously mentioned. 

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                  I was able to send picture messages via text last week. Over the weekend i kept getting an error message saying, generic network failure. Why has it just stopped working? I hadn't changed any settings on the phone at all. I took the battery out and still nothing. I also can't recieve some forwards. I go to download them and they just won't open.
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                    I am also having the same issue.  When I try to send a picture mesage, it says "generic network error" and "Failed after mutiple attempts".  When i receive a picture message is is also unable to download it.  I am able to browse the internet, send and receive regular texts, and use everything else.  I have no idea why a picture message cannot get through.

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                      Exact same problem here. I am so frustrated! I've tried everything. I get "Message not downloaded. Generic network failure"