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    LG EnV Touch won't connect to the internet!


      I have had this phone for almost 2 years (almost time for that upgrade!), & it's a piece of ****.. i've had it replaced numerous times & even had to buy a new battery because the old one wouldn't take a charge at all. a few days ago, my mobile internet stopped working. it'll load & then finally say "Polaris Browser cannot open the page. Connection timeout!!! press refresh to retry." but that still doesn't work.


      is there anyway to fix this without having to go to a verizon store? everytime i go in for help, well, they're not much help.

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          Joe L

          I can't begin to imagine your frustrations, I would be so upset if I had multiple replacements in a two year period. I had the Envtouch and upgraded to a smart phone with a touch screen because of my great experience with the EnvTouch. Let's get to the bottom of this right away.


           Were you using a particular application when this started? Have you ever been able use the internet on this particular device? Please remove the battery and reinsert. I know you've probably done that before but that forces the device to look for current coverage. Please dial *228 press send then choose option 1. Please retest the browser.


          Lastly try a reset on the device by following these steps: 



          Resets phone settings to factory default.  User data will NOT be erased.
          From the main screen, tap Menu ::

          Tap Settings & Tools
          Scroll to / Tap Phone Settings
          Scroll to / Tap Security
          Enter Phone Lock Code ???? Displays,
          enter the 4 digit lock code ( default: last 4 digits of phone number ).
          Tap Reset Default
          Preference settings will be set to factory defaults.  Your user data will NOT be erased.  Press <OK> to continue. displays.
          Tap OK to continue.
          Tap Revert


          Please let us know if these steps help. We definitely want to have you in a working great device. Also you mentioned you've had the device for almost 2 years. You may already be eligible to upgrade! Dial #UPG then send to check your date.


          Thank you

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            im having the same problem... i have had the Lg Envy Touch for only a month and now it will not connect to the internet at all... i tried reverting it and no luck.. and now that i reverted it, i now dont have any contacts plus since i have no internet i can not download back up assistance to regain my contacts....