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    Droid Incredible 2 Not Charging.




      I'm having issues with my droid incredible 2 not charging and now won't turn on.  I noticed that my charging port seems to be loose and I think that might be the problem.  Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to fix it (if possible)?


      Thank you!


      Edit: I have it plugged in and the light is blinking orange but it won't turn on....

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          First all, give it a little bit more time to charge. :smileyhappy:


          If it still doesn't work, make sure the charger is not bad. The phone can be charged either using the wall charger or by plugging the USB cable into your computer. So first test both charging methods. If neither works, I say take your phone to a Verizon store and ask them to charge it using their charger. If they can charge it then likely your charger or USB cable might be bad. If they can't charge either then something is wrong with the phone or the battery.


          Now about the loose charge port, one  likely cause is the black frame around the port that is making noise. I know that because I had the same problem and I took my phone to the store and asked them to show me another brand new phone and it had exactly the same problem. If you open the back cover you can see why. This problem shouldn't affect anything other than being annoying.


          Edit: Didn't see your edit about light blinking when I wrote my reply. Could it be battery overheating? Or could it be bacause your phone is turned off while it's being charged. I have seen in other forums that people were saying it blinks if the phone is turned off or the battery is nearly dead.

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            My phone won't turn on and it's been sitting connected to the charger.... I will try to take it in tomorrow and see if they can get it to charge.  I have taken out the battery and put it back in as others who seem to have the same problem have done and got it to work that way but unfortunately for me - it didnt work.  :[


            I had it plugged into the computer while I was typing this and left it plugged in while I went and did other things.  Just got back now and it's not blinking anymore and it still won't turn on...  Something is definitely amiss here.  :/

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              I am having the EXACT same problem with my Incredible 2! I've been having the issue for about 3-4 weeks now and it just keeps getting worse. I didn't have time until Saturday to visit Verizon to figure out what's going on with the thing, but what they told me is that they needed to send me a new phone. In the meantime, I've started experiencing the blinking orange light as well. The phone won't turn on. I'm not supposed to receive the replacement phone until the end of the week and REALLY need a fix in the meantime. I have no clue what to do. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this thing turn on and charge? I've left it hooked up to the charger for the past 6 hours and it hasn't charged at all. I REALLY need a working phone.

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                Twice I've woken to an uncharged phone, but it was because the charger on the wall outlet end slid upward out of the global adapter and wasn't making contact. Pushing it back down tightly fixed the problem.

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                  I had the same exact problem today. I had a full charge at the begining of the day. The charge got low, into red. Now all of a sudden it will NOT hold a charge. The status bar that shows it is charging will show it is plugged in, but not the progress of it charging. I can use it for calls while plugged in, but that is it. I've left it turned off for hours to charge, it is orange... nothing keeping.


                  Tried taking out the battery. Guess I will be taking a trip to the Verizon store. I've only had the phone since May. This is sad.

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                    I am also having this problem since the forced update - I either get a painfully slow charge that does not stay above the power consumption when phone is on or no charge at all.  This week I have once gotten it to charrge normally.

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                      After posting, I had gotten it back to life after a night of charging.


                      It would charge painfully slow. But it seemed that one it dropped below 50% battery life it would not charge at all when turned on. 


                      I turned it off before going to bed and plugged in.


                      This morning, it bricked. It won't even recognise that it is plugged in. At all. 


                      And come to think of it, this did not happen unti after the forced update either. I had never let the charge get below 50% before then.


                      So, now I have a brick. To the Verizon store with me. 

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                        Follow up -  After the helpful gentleman at my local verizon store (who sold me the phone about 4 months ago) tried swapping out batteries, it turned on.


                        But being under 50%, the thing would not charge. With the extended battery in, it maintained the same charge while plugged in, on or off... And we sat there a while.


                        Puting a new regular battery in, plugged in and on, we waited for it to charge up. It actually DRAINED while on. This is after killing all apps too. (Which for SOME reason, after the last update, turn back on again right after killing them...)


                        A replacement is backordered. So I am now without phone for a week. I am hoping leaving it off and charging now that it has a "new" battery in it will do something, but after last night's off and drained completely to brick status, I am dubious. 


                        If you are having this problem with slow charge when off, slow to no charge when plugged in, please speak up and post. 



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                          My Incredible 2 just did this as well. At first the orange light was blinking so I let it charge for 2 hours and at that point was able to get it to power on and now it turned off again and no blinking light or anything and it refuses to power on. I havent had a single problem until the forced update I got a week ago today. Now my phone went to ****. 


                          I am at my witts end with Verizon. I have had them since April 20 2010 and I am now on 5 phone. I started with the storm 2 and HATED everything about it..it was a terrible phone. So after going thru 2 of them I demanded that I get a totally different phone. I then got a motorola droid and went thru 2 of them as well. The last one flat out died and wouldnt power back on. That was in June 2011. I went and was able to upgrade and got the incredible 2. 


                          I am disabled and cannot be without a phone so it looks like im going to have to make a trip to a store tomorrow.

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